Learn Somali Language online Free



Learn Somali Language online Free

Learn Somali is a website intended for anyone interested in Learning Somali online for free. This Somali language course starts with basics such as Somali Language Alphabets and introductions. The easiest way to learn Somali language is to understand the basics of the language. We will start with the Somali alphabets and pronunciation guides. There will be lots of example following everything you learn. It is always a good idea to repeat the first view lessons of the course because they are the basic building blocks of learning the Somali Language. Our free Learn Somali Language course will help you start with the very fundamentals of the Somali language. You will learn many Somali language phrases and translations of sentences. This will help you learn how to read and write the Somali Language.

This is an online language learning course that is available to you anytime. If you have been looking for a way of learning Somali language for free from scratch this is your chance to begin your journey. If you want to learn to speak Somali, this website will help you learn vocabularies and pronunciation. If your goal is to learn Somali language fast, there are tons of lessons online for you to learn and practice. Our quiz and audio sections are under construction at the moment and we will let you know when it is ready.

There will be on going updates, new lessons and resource materials. Make sure you sign up for newsletter to get updated when new learn Somali lessons are available. There are also intermediate and advanced lessons available  in the near future. We will try our best to make Learning Somali language very fun experience.
Learn Somali

Baro Af Somali

A good place to start Somali Alphabets

Check out the forum for community help

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