Easy Somali Conversation – Where do you live?”

Welcome to learnSomali Conversation lesson. I apologize for not updating the site for a while. I am busy with classes because my graduation is nearing, but I will do the best I can inshAllah, to post lessons. Hope you enjoy this lesson of Easy Somali Conversation “Where do you live?”.  This conversation can be used in chats, over the phone or at an airport. Here is the pdf version in case you want to download/print.

Somali English
A: Halkee ku nooshahay? A: Where do you live?
B: Waxaan ku noolahay Kismaayo. B: I live in Kismayo
A: Halkee ayay ku taal Kismaayo? A: Where is Kismayo?
B: Waxay ku taal koonfurta Soomaaliya. B: It’s in southern Somalia.
A:  Ma xeeb ayay leedahay Kismayo? A: Is there a beach in Kismayo?
B: Haa waxay leedahay xeeb qurux badan. B: Yes, it has a beautiful beach.
A: Kismayo ma magaalo wayn baa? A: Is Kismayo a big city?
B: Waxay ka mid tahay magaalooyinka ugu waawayn ee wadanka. B: It’s one of the biggest cities in the country.
A: Adiga maku dhalatay Kismaayo? A: Where you born in Kismayo?
B: Maya, waxaan ku dhashay Muqdisho. B: No, I was born in Mogadishu.
A: Muqdisho intee ayay le’egtahay? A: How big is Mogadishu?
B: Waa magaalada ugu balaaran Soomaliya. B:  It is the largest city in Somalia.

Easy Somali Conversation: “Where do you live?”

Ereyo Vocabulary
Halkee Where
Nool Live
Ku taal Located
Koonfur South
Xeeb Beach
Leedahay Has
Quruxbadan Beautiful
Magaalo City
Wadan Country
Dhlatay Born
Wayn Big
Balaaran Large
Maya No
Haa Yes


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