Somali clothing vocabulary

Hi and welcome to another daily / useful words and sentences about Somali Clothing Vocabulary. This list is not very long but it is  helpful is you want to learn the basics of  Somali Clothing vocabulary. Let me know, by leaving a comment, if there is a specific word that you need to learn.

One thing I want to let you know is, there are clothes Somali people wear and that I am not sure their English meaning.  Hopefully we will do a picture based vocabularies that show the cloth and the Somali name for it. Thanks and Enjoy

Somali clothing vocabulary

Somali Language clothing vocabulary. Examples

English – Somali



Clothes- Dhar / Labis Buy new clothes.

Soo gado dhar Cusub.

Cusub – New

Gado – Buy

Shirt – Shaati Have you seen my blue shirt?

Ma aragtay shaatigayii buluuga ahaa?

Cad – White

Aragtay – seen

T-shirt – Funaanad I am wearing a T-shirt.

Waxaan xiranahay funaanad.

Xiranahay – Wearing

Waxaan – used for (I am)

Jacket – Jaakad My favorite jacket is green.

Jaakada aan ugu jeclahay waa cagaar.

Ugu Jeclahay – Love most

Cagaar – Green

Waa – is

Sweater – Funaanad Dhaxameed It is little cold, wear sweater.

Waa yara qabow, xiro funaanad dhaxameed.

Qabow – Cold

Dhaxameed – of chills

Yara – little

Short sleeve – gacmo gab

Long sleeve – gacmo dheer

Do you want the short or long sleeve one?

Ma waxaad rabtaa mid gacmo gaab mise dheer?


Gacmo – arms

Rabtaa – Want

Mise – Or – also (ama)

Mid – One


Pants – Surweel Nice pants.

Surweel fiican.

Nice – Fiican

Ugly – Foolxun

Shorts – Daba-gaab You look good in shorts.

Daba-gaabka waad ku qurxoontahay.

Qurxoontahay – Beautiful.

Ka– the (article) – Important

Suit – Suud This suit is expensive, get a cheaper one.

Suudkaan waa qaali, mid raqiis ah qaado.

Qaali – Expensive

Cheap – Raqiis

Qaado – get/take

Mid kale – another one

Dress – Cambuur I like the dress.

Waan ka helay cambuurka.

Ka helay – like

Also spelled – Canbuur

Skirt – Goono She was wearing a gray skirt.

Goono dameeri ah bay qabtay

Qabtay – was wearing

Dameeri – Gray

Swimsuit – dharka dabaasha This swimsuit does not fit me.

Dharkaan dabaasha ima le’eka.

Ma le’eka – does not Fit

Le’eg – Fits

Underwear – Kastuumo / Nigis White underwear.

Kastuumo cad

Cad/ Caddan – White
Bra – Rajabeeto / Kayshali / Rajastiino This bra fits you perfectly.

Rajastiinadaan waxay kuu le’eg taahay si fiican.

Rajactino – borrowed/Italy

Perfectly – Si fiican.

Daan -this (has many forms), it can be- taan, gaan, kaan. So it depends the end of the word.


Shoes –  Kabo Are you missing one shoe, or both?

Hal kab miyaad la’dahay mise labadaba?

La’dahay- Missing (you)


Labadaba – Both

Slippers – Dacas There are many kinds of Slippers.

Waxaa jira noocyo badan oo dacas ah.

Noocyo – Kinds

Jira -exist

Ah- are

Socks – iskaalsho//sigisaan Here are your red socks.

Waa kuwaan sigisaantaadii guduudan.

Guduud/Guduudan – Red

Taadii- your (has many form too) Kaagii, dhaadii, haagii, gaagii, daadii, and more, depends on the end of the word

Purse – Boorso The purse and the shoes matche.

Boorsada iyo kabaha way isleeyihin.

Isleeyihiin – match

Da, ha – article (the)

Iyo – And

Hat – Koofiyad Big black hat.

Koofiyad madow oo wayn.

Wayn -Big

Madoow -Black

Small – Yar

Tie – Taay Do know how to tie a tie?

Ma taqaan sida taay loo xiro?

Taqaan – know

Tie -xiro

Belt – Suun Buckle up your seat belt.

Xiro suunka kursigaaga.

Kursi – seat

Gaaga- your


Glasses – Ookiyaale Someone is wearing glasses today.

Qof baa maanta ookiyaale xiran.

Someone – Qof.

Today – Maanta

Xiran – Wearing


Umbrella – Dallad Use my umbrella.

Isticmaal dalladayda.

Isticmaal – use Borrow/Arabic

Ayda -my

Button – Guluus When to button or unbutton a suit jacket:

Marka guluuska la xiro ama aan la xirin jaakada suudka.

Marka – When

Xir – Close

Aan la xirin – Not to close


Zipper – Jinyeer I don’t like children’s’ clothes with zippers.

Ma jecli dharka ciyaalka jinkeerka leh

Ma Jecli – I don’t like

Ciyaal – Children

Dhar – Clothes

Leh – has

Gloves – Galoofis Where are your gloves?

Aaway galoofiskaagii?

Aaway – Where is.

Kaagii – your


Gasho – Wear Wear this shirt.

Gasho shaatigaan.


Gaan – this

Gasho is same as Xiro

Wearing – qabaa I am wearing earrings.

Waxaan qabaa dhaqodhaqo.

Dhag(o)- ear(s)

Dhagodhago – Earings

Put on – Gasho Put on your shoes, let’s go outside, hurry up hurry hurry up.

Gasho kabahaaga, nabixi banaanka, dhakhado dhakhaso dhakhso


Line from Children’s song

Haaga- your

Outside – banaan

Ka – article

Dhakhso – Hurry up. Also spelled dhaqso.



Cimaamad – Mens scarf, mostly religious clothing

Qamiis –  Mens long gown – Religious clothing

Cabaayad – Women’s long dress mostly black

Garbasaar – For women Piece of clothing that cover the upper body- on top of  the dress.shirt

Qamaar – Women’s scarf

IndhaShareer – Facial cloths that cover all of you face expect for eye.

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