Good News! There is a new Question Section Added

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Hi every,

We have added a section called Questions. There are three menus in this section.  There is the Account menu. This is where you sign up to be able to either post or answer questions. There is the Add Question menu, which lets you add your questions. And, there is the Question menu where there will be a list of all the questions posed with or without answers. If there is an answer, you will be able to see it, if you know the answer, you will be able to replay.

The reason for new section is to start community involvement for the Somali Language. This is will give you opportunity to help others with their question if you know and others to help you.  There is so many questions our readers have and we have not being keeping up with those ourselves. Here is an opportunity to work together.  We will post as many previous questions from database as we can. From now on, please add your questions in the Question section. It will help many people. Thanks


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