Somali Adjective Phrases


Today’s grammar/phrases lesson is about (Are you) and answering it (I am):

Somali Adjective Phrases

  • Look at the Somali adjectives at the end of the question form, like faraxsantahay (happy). It ends with tahay which indicate the YOU pronoun.
  • The question form starts with Ma followed by the adjective which is connected to the pronoun. Basically the Auxiliary (are) that comes with the you pronoun becomes part of the word.
  • You will learn You – Tahay. AND I – Ahay.

If you decide to take this lesson to the next level and use Plural form (You/We), these are the things you need to change the sentence in the tables.

Use: You with Tihiin – (Are you afraid – Ma baqsantihiin) instead of (Ma baqsantahay) for singular.

Use: We/Us with Nahay – (We are afraid – Waan baqsannahay) instead of (Waa baqsanahay).

Some of these words may “seem” really long. For example (Are you beautiful – Ma quruxbadantahay) this word (quruxBadanTahay) is 15 letters long, but it is the combination of ((Qurux -Beauty) + (Badan – Full) +(tahay- you are) ). Some people have spaces in their writing, for example:(dulqaad badan tahay) Instead of (dulqaadbadantahay) and others don’t. I believe the grammatically correct way is to join and make it one long word like-(dulqaadbadantahay), but for simplicity reason, you have that option of spacing them out.

Think of this English word(thoughtlessness). It is also 15 letters long but it is combination of (thought + less + ness).  So it is a good idea to know how new words are formed from other words. Hopefully, we will be able to make Prefixes and suffixes lesson soon.

Somali Adjective Phrases

One last note: You will see me use (Waa and Waan) interchangeably, this is because the formal way is (Waan) but many people use (Waa) as in (Waa arkay/I saw) instead of (Waan arkay) So formally use (Waan) and when you are talking use either.


The Table below is English question/statement column followed by Somali meaning of it. There is third column that have either explanation of a rule or some other thing that is related to that row.


English Somali Comments
Are you ok?

I am ok.

Ma caadi baad tahay.

Caadi baan ahay

Also used: Are you fine?

Ma fiicantahay?

Are you aware of?

I am aware of.

Ma ogtahay?

Waa ogahay.

If you want, you can say:

Do you know? Ma taqaanaa?

Are you happy?

I am happy.

Ma faraxsantahay?

Waan faraxsanahay

Happy – Faraxsan

Same meaning for:

Are you excited? I am excited.

Are you good?

I am good.

Ma fiicantahay?

Waan fiicanahay.

Same as:

Are you alright?

Are you OK?

Are you afraid?

I am afraid.

Ma baqsantahay?

Waan baqsanahay

Also common:

Ma baqaysaa? (verb)

Are proud?

I am proud.

Ma islawayntahay?

Waa islawaynayahay.

The Somali meaning here sounds more like- you think you are superior to others. I would be careful how I use it.
Are you patient?

I am patient.

Ma dulqaad badan tahay?

Waa dulqaadbadanahay

I am writing with/out space

So that you will know if you see either in writing.

Are you alive?

I am alive

Ma nooshahay?

Waan noolahay.

Since Nool ends with L. Sha=Ta

Shahay = Tahay

Are you bored?

I am bored.

Ma caajisantahay?

Waan caajisanahay

Boring – caajis ah

Boring Movie- Filin caajis ah

Are you tired?

I am tired.

Ma daalantahay?

Waan daalanahay

Tired – Daalan.

Tired child – Cunug daalan

Are you crazy?

I am crazy

Ma waalantahay?

Waan waalanahay

Crazy – Waalan.

Crazy Person – Qof waalan

Also, I am not crazy = Ma waalni.

Are you hungry?

I am hungry.

Ma gaajaysantahay?

Waan gaajaysanahay.

Hungry – Gaajaysan.

Hungry man –  Nin gaajaysan

Also, I am not hungry= Ma gaajaysni.

Are you busy?

I am busy.

Ma mashquulsantahay?

Waa mashquulsanahay.

Mashquulsan – Busy.

Busy mother. – Hooyo mashquulsan.

Busy bee. – Shinni Mashquulsan

Also, I am not busy= Ma mashquulsani.

Are you bad?

I am bad.

Ma xuntahay

Waan xumahay.

Are you a bad person?

Qof xum miyaad tahay

Also, I am not bad= Ma xumi.

Are you ashamed?

I am ashamed

Ma ceebaysantahay

Waan ceebaysanahay

Shame on you. –

Waad ceebowday

Are you beautiful?

I am beautiful.

Ma quruxsantahay

Waa quruxbadanahay

Quruxbadantahay  =  quruxsantahay = qurxoontahay all of them are same.

You are beautiful – Waad qurux badan tahay.

Are Confused?

I am confused

Ma wareersantahy?

Waa wareersanahay.

Confused – wareersan

Confused supporters.

Taageerayaal wareersan.

Also, I am not confused= Ma wareersani.

Are you in love?

I am in Love.

Jacaly miyaa ku haya?

Jacayl baa I haya.

Jacaly – Love.

Sometimes, I translate something to Somali and then back to English So this is what it means” either (Are you feeling love) Or (do you have love feeling) .

Haya means (have also feel).

I have cold. – Hargab baa I haya.

I feel cold – Qabow baa I haya.

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Thanks and Enjoy


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