Somali Conditional sentences

Using When/Marki  and if Hadii

Somali Conditional sentences

if = haddii Same sentence, different format
If you go, tell me. = Hadii aad baxdid, ii sheeg . Tell me if you go. = Ii sheeg hadii aad baxdid.
If it is good, I need it. = Hadii ay fiican tahay, waan rabaa. I need it if it is good = Waan rabaa hadii ay fiican tahay.
If they promised, they will pay for it = Hadii ay balan qaadeen, way bixin doonaan. They will pay for it if they promised. Way bixin doonaan hadii ay balan qaadeen.
If I tell you a secret, can you keep it? = Hadii aan kuu sheego sir, ma qarin kartaa? Can you keep, If I tell you a secret? Ma qarin kartaa hadii aan sir kuu sheego?
If baby sleeps, I am going to call you. = Hadii cunugu seexdo waan kusoo wici doonaa. I am going to call you if baby sleep. Waan kusoo wici doonaa hadii cunugu seexdo



When = Markii Also =(goortii) Same sentence, different format
When you go let me know. = Markii aad baxdid ii sheeg. Let me know when you go = Ii sheeg markii aad baxdid.
When baby sleeps, I am going to call you. = Markii cunugu seexdo, waan kusoo wici doonaa. I am going to call you when baby sleeps. = Waan kusoo wici doonaa markii cunugu seexdo.
When = Markee Also =(goortee) Gortee
When are you coming back? = Markee soo noqonaysaa? Also Gortee soo noqonaysaa
When is the fligh? = waa markee duulimaadku Waa goortee duulimaadku

Somali Conditional sentences

Here is the trick if you see other forms of when/if in Somali language:

Many times,  I mention that you need to understand pronouns thoroughly because the (When/markii) have contraction for different pronouns and makes it seem difficult to comprehend. For example:

If – Hadii

Haddii+aad = If you. The contraction (making a word for two words), which is mostly used by Somali native speaker is (Haddaad)  and the same goes for the rest of the pronouns.  Here take a look at this:

If you – Haddii +aad = Haddaad (s, p)

If I – Haddii +aan = Haddaan

If She – Haddii +ay = Hadday

If He – Haddii +uu = Hadduu

If We – Haddii +aan = Haddaan (same as: If I)

Also- (Sometimes, people write haddii if one (d) like this:hadii) which is total fine.

The rules applied to the when and many other words that use contrction

When you – Markii+aad = Markaad (s, p)

When I – Markii+aan = Markaan

When She – Markii+ay = Markay

When He – Markii+uu = Markuu

When We – Markii+aan = Markaan (same as: When I)

Hope you like it. If you see any errors please contact us.


Somali Conditional sentences.

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