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Welcome to another Learn Somali lesson. Today we will focus on the Somali Simple Present Tense. It is used to describe habitual actions  that occur in the present. It is used to describe an action that is not is the past or the future. In Somali language,  Present Tense means (Fal joogto ah)

As usual we will have list of English sentences examples and we will translate them to Somali language.



Tenses English/Somali Vocabulary
Simple Present I pay the bills = Waan bixiyaa biilasha.

Do I pay the bills? = Miyaan bixiyaa Biilasha?

I don’t pay the bills = Ma bixiyo biilasha.


You go to school = Waad aadaa iskool

Do you go school? = Miyaad aadaa iskool?

You don’t go school = Ma aadid iskool.

Don’t go to school = Ha aadin iskool.   (Command)


She reads every day = Way akhrisaa maalin kasta

Does she read every day? = Miyay akhrisaa maalin kasta?

She doesn’t read every day = Ma akhriso Maalin kasta


He sleeps  every night = Wuu seexdaa habeen kasta

Does he sleep every night? = Miyuu seexdaa habeen kasta?

He doesn’t sleep every night = Ma seexdo habeen kasta


They learn something new = Way bartaan wax cusub

Do they learn something new? = Miyay bartaan wax cusub?

They don’t learn something new = Ma bartaan wax cusub


We respect the people = Waan xushmaynaa dadka

Do we respect people? = Miyaan xushmaynaa dadka?

We don’t respect people = Ma xushmayno dadka

I do = Waan

Pay = Bixiyaa

The bills = Biilasha

You do = waad

Go = aadaa


Don’t = Ha (With a verb)

She does = way

Reads = Akhrisaa

Every day = Maalin kasta




He does = Wuu

Sleeps = Sexdaa

Every night = Habeen kasta




They do = Way

Learn = Baartaan

Something = Wax


We do = Waan

Respect = Xushmaynaa

The people = dadka






Contracted forms – Soo gaabin  Words Used often
Waan = Waa aan (Used with I and We) Example I want to = Waa aan rabaa or Waan rabaa. We want to = Waa aan rabnaa or Waan rabnaa

Waad = Waa aad (Used with you) Example You want to = Waa aad rabtaa or Waad rabtaa

Way = Waa ay (Used with She and They)


She wants to = Waa ay rabtaa or Way rabtaa

They want to = Waa ay rabaan or Way rabaan


Wuu =  Waa uu (Used with He)


He wants to = Waa uu rabaa or Wuu rabaa


Every = Walba/ Kasta

Every day = Maalin kasta

Every night = Habeel Walba

Every year = Sannad Walba

Every hour = Saacad Walba

every week = Asbuuc Walba

Every year = Sannad Walba

Generally = Guud ahaan

Totally = Gabi ahaan

Normally = Sida caadiga ah

Frequently = Sida badan

never = Marna or Marnaba

rarely = Mar dhif ah

sometimes = Marmar

usually / Badanaa

all the time/always = Wakhti kasta

(Note: You can use Kasta in the place of Walba They mean the same)




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