Somali Pronouns


Somali Pronouns – Magac u yaal

Personal Pronouns 


Pronoun Magac u yaal Sound
I Aniga Aniga
You Adiga Adiga
We Anaga Anaga
She Ayada Ayada
He Asaga Asaga
You(Plural) Idinka Idinka
It Ayada/Asaga Ayada/Asaga



The one thing you need to pay attention in the Somali pronouns is the “it” pronoun because it is used as (he or she “Ayada/Asaga”.) The reason is that in Somali language, objects, humans and non-humans have masculine/feminine names in general. For example a car is “it” in English but in Somali it is used as “he” and a city is (She).  We will get to this later and give more examples in an other post. Many times, the pronouns are not used explicitly in sentences, instead there are other pronoun substitutes. Examples:


English Somali Often Used (Very Important)
I ate breakfast Aniga waan cunay Quraac Waan cunay quraac
You ate breakfast Adiga waad cuntay quraac Waad cuntay quraac
She ate breakfast Ayada way cuntay quraac Way cuntay quraac
He ate breakfast Asaga wuu cunay quraac Wuu cunay quraac
We are breakfast Anaga waan cunnay quraac Waan cunnay quraac
They ate breakfast Ayaga way cuneen quraac Way cuneen quraac


  • (Waan and Waa are used interchangeably for “I/aniga” and so is Waa/Waad for “you” )
  • Most Somali native speakers omit the personal pronouns such as aniga/adiga/asaga etc because ‘Aniga” and waa” go together and the verb you use it with tells you what pronoun is in the sentence. We will call them pronoun helpers, they are also some kind of auxiliary verbs.
  •  The following is a list of Somali language pronouns and examples. One thing to know ahead is that the Somali pronounces can either go at the beginning or at the end of the sentence. For example (I am leaving. The “I” is at the beginning it can not be (Leaving I am)) but in Somali (Aniga waa baxayaa is also the same as (Waa baxayaa Aniga) so Aniga”I” can either be at the beginning  or the end of the sentence). For the sake of simplicty out example will be the “Aniga(I)” at the beginning of the sentence.

Pronoun Helpers/: Very Important:

Somali/English With Verbs English
Waan/I Waan Fahmay I understood
Way/She Way Fahamtay She understood
Wuu/He Wuu Fahmay He understood
Waan/We Waan Fahamnay We Understood
Way/They Way Fahmeen They understood


  • Verbs change with pronouns and tenses (like He (knows) and I (know) in the English). We will explain it in Verb and tense Section. Remember it is used as (he/she).


Object Pronouns

English Somali Somali/English with Pronoun Substitutes.
Me Aniga (i) Wuu i yaqaanaa aniga. Wuu i rabaa aniga.He knows me. He wants me
You Adiga (Ku ) Waa ku aqaanaa adiga . Waa ku rabaa adigaI know you. I want you.
Him Asaga Way yaqaanaan asaga. Way rabaan asagaThey Know him. They want him.
Her Iyada Way yaqaanaan ayada. Way rabaan ayada.They Know her. They want her.
Us Annaga(na) Way na yaqaanaan anaga. Way na rabaan anaga.They Know us. They want us.
Them Ayaga(way) Way yaqaanaan ayaga. Way rabaan ayaga.They Know them. They want them.


  • You have the option to use personal pronouns. This might be easy for some people who are learning the Somali for the first time. For example



More Examples:

English Somali Often Used
I know you Aniga waa ku aqaanaa adiga Waa ku aqaanaa
You showed them Adiga waad tustay ayaga Waad tustay
She can Talk Ayada way hadli kartaa Way hadli kartaa
It fell (book) Asaga wuu dhacay Wuu dhacay
He fell Asaga wuu dhacay Wuu dhacay
They ate breakfast Ayaga way cuneen quraac Way cuneen quraac


More Examples:

English Somali Often Used
I traveled Aniga waa safray Waa safray
You got sick Adiga waad jiratay Waad jiratay
She got married Ayada way guursatay Way guursatay
It flew (airplane) Ayada way duushay Way duushay
He  (man) Asaga wuu Dhacay Wuu dhacay
They are here Ayaga way joogaan Way joogaan


More Examples:

English Somali Often Used
I am a man Aniga waxaan ahay nin Waxaan ahay nin
You are a student Adiga waxaad tahay arday Waxaad tahay arday
She is a mother Ayada waa hooyo Waa hooyo
It fell (horse) Asaga wuu Dhacay Wuu dhacay
He fell (man) Asaga wuu Dhacay Wuu dhacay
They ate breakfast Ayaga way quraacdeen Way quraacdeen

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