Somali Positional and Directional Words

Somali Positional and Directional WordsWelcome to another interesting and educational Learn Somali lesson. Today we will teach you Somali Positional and Directional Words. This can help you give directions or point out a positions. We will also give example on each of the vocabulary as we always do. As you will see in the table below, two or may be three English words may have one Somali word as a meaning. We did the best we can to explain them by providing the sentence. For example the words Up/Top/Above/  are somehow related and point to high or up, so in Somali language, all these words are either Sareeya/kor.  We hope you enjoy this lesson and please give us feedback on how we are doing. You suggestions are appreciated.

Somali Language Direction Vocabulary

Vocabulary English example Somali meaning
Up/Kor or sare Look up thereLift this up Kor kaas fiiriKan sare u qaad
Down/Hoos What is down there? Hoos taas maxaa yaalla?
Below/HoosBelow/Ka hooseeya Below the bedBelow zero Sariirta hoos teedaEber ka hooseeya
Under/Hoos Under water animal Xayawaanka badda hoos teeda
Top/Kor or sare Put them on topWhich one is on the top Kor saarKee baa sareeya
Bottom/Hoos The bottom part Qaybta hoose
In/Dhex or Gudaha In the box Bokiska dhexdiisaBokiska gudihiisa
Out/ bixid (Baxay, baxday) He is out nowShe is out now Wuu soo baxay haddaWay soo baxday hadda
Before/HortaBefore. HorayBefore/Ka hor Stand before me.I saw you before.Before you were born Istaag hortaydaHoray ayaan kuu arkay.Ka hor inta aadan dhalan
After/Kadib/ ka gadaal Meet me after work Ila kulan shaqda kadib
In front/Horta Look In front of you.In front of the house.In front of the police Fiiri hor taada.Guriga hor tiisaAskarta hor tooda
Front/HoreWatch for Pronunciation-Ho in horse + Re in red (ho-re)Horse + Red Front rawFront pageFront Teeth Safka horeBogga horeIlkaha hore
Middle/Dhexe What is your middle name Waa maxay magacaaga dhexe
Behind/Gadaal It is behind the TV Wuxuu ka gadaaleeya TV ga
Throughout/Inta uu socday Throughout the meeting Inta uu socday shirku
Middle/Dhexe What is your middle name Waa maxay magacaaga dhexe
Behind/Gadaal It is behind the TV Wuxuu ka gadaaleeya TV ga
Left/BidixLeft/ka tagid (From Leave) The left side of the MallI left my keys Dhinaca bidix ee dukaankaWaan ka tagay furahaygii
Right/Midig The house on the right Guriga midigta saaran
Turn/Leexo Turn left and you are there Bidix u leexo , Waad joogtaa
Straight/Toos Walk straight Toos u soco
Inside/Gudaha Inside the garage Garaashka Gudihiisa
Outside/Banaanka Outside of the school Iskoolka banaankiisa
Side/Dhinac Park the car  on the side Gaariga dhig dhinaca
Beside/Dhinac Sit beside me Fariiso dhinacayga
Here/Halkaan I am staying here Halkaan baan joogayaa
There/Halkaas Why are you there? Halkaas maxaad u joogtaa
Close/Dhaw Come close and look Soo dhawoow oo fiiri
Near/U dhaw or (ag) Near my home Gurigayga u dhawGurigayga ag tiisa
Far/Fog Very far away Aad iyo aad u fog
Above/ka sareeya No one is above the law Qofna sharciga kama sareeyo
Beginning/Bilow The begging of the book Bilowga buugga
End/Dhamaad The end of the world Dhamaadka Aduunka
Finish/Dhamayn Finish your food Dhammee cuntadaada
Through/Dhex Go through Dhex mar
Next/Ku xiga Next page Bogga ku xiga
Center/Dhex Stand in the center Istaag dhexda
Corner/Gees Put this one in the corner Dhig midkaan geeska
North/Wuqooyi I am from the North Waxaan ka imid wuqooyi
Northeast/Wuqooyi bari Northeast Minneapolis Wuqooyi bariga Minneapolis
Northwest/Wuqooyi Galbeed Oregon is in the northwest of America Oregon waa wuqooyi galbeed ee Maraykanka
South/Koonfur South Sudan Koonfrta Suudaan
Southeast/Koonfur bari  Southeast Somali Koonfur bari Soomaaliya
Southwest/ Koonfur Galbeed Southwest Chine Koonfur galbeed ee Shiinaha
East/Bari Boston is in the east Boston waxay ku taal bariga
West/Galbeed Finish your food Dhammee cuntadaada

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