Somali Love Phrases

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Somali Love Phrases

Hi and Happy New Year. Today, I have a very special lesson for you and honestly I come up with this topic by reading through the search terms that many of users are looking for. The topic of today is Somali  LOVE Phrases. How do you tell someone you love how you feel about them in Somali language. I searched the internet to see if Somali is one of the most romantic languages in the world but we didn’t make it to the top 5,  but hey you can still sound nice 🙂 .

Somali Love Phrases

Waan kaa hela.

I like you.

Waan ku jeclahay.

I love you.

Aad baan kuu jeclahay.

I love you very much.

Waan ku rabaa.

I want you.


Sweetheart (f)


Sweatheart (m)

Waad qurxoontahay.

You are beautiful. (Genereal)

Quruxleey baad tahay.

You are beautiful. (f specific)

Quruxloow baad tahay.

You are beautiful.  (M specific)

Waan ku jeclaaday.

I felt in love with you.

Waxaad tahay naftayda.

You are my soul (life).

Waxaad tahay Qalbigayga.

You are my heart.

La’aantaa ma joogi karo.

I can ‘t be without you.

Kuma hilmami doono waligay.

I will never forget you.

Waxaan jeclahay adiga kaliya.

I love only you.

Wax kasta adigaan kaa jeclaahay.

I love you more than anything.

Aad iyo aad baan kuu jeclahay maalin kasta.

I love you more and more every day.

Ma ogolaan karo inay wax kugu dhacaan.

I can’t let anything happen to you.

Mar kasta oo aan ku arko waan kusii jeclaadaa.

Every time I see you, I love you more.

Mar kasta oo aan ku maqlo waan kusii jeclaada.

Every time I hear you, I love you more.

Wax kasta oo aad ii samaysid, waan ku farxaa.

I am happy with everything you do for me.

Waan faraxsanahay markaan kula joogo.

I am happy when I am with you.

Ma sugi karo intaan nolosha kula qaybsanayo.

I can’t wait to spend my life with you.

Ma iska dayn karo Inaan kaa fakaro.

I can’t even stop thinking about you.

Waxaad tahay qofka kaliya ee aan waligay Jeclaanayo.

You are the only person I will ever love.

Xaaskayga waan jeclahay.

I love my wife.

Ninkayga waan jeclahay.

I love my husband.

Ma lagu qabaa?

Are you married?

Xaas ma leedahay.

Do you have a wife?

Waxaan ahay xaas.

I am married.

Waan jeclahay qosolkaaga.

I like your smile.

Firaaqo ma leedahay?

Do you have time?

Ma soo wada cashaynaa?

Should we have a dinner?

Waan mashquulsanahay caawa.

I am busy tonight.

Way isoo jiidatahay.

She is so attractive.

Wuu isoo jiitay.

He attracted me.

Imoow gurigayga.

Come to my home.

Wax aad cabtid ma rabtaa?

Do you need something to drink?







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