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Album: Hiddo & Dhaqan


Taste It

Translated by: Ibrahim.


Voice: Aar Maanta

Time 4 Learnig?

Words- Ereyo

Only I’m*, like a little child, chasing after you, back and forth. Aar* baa Dhalaan sidii ku dhool dhoolinaayee Child – Dhalaan.
From the fatal injuries, I am always protecting you. Dhaawac Halista Gaardhiyo, Dhibta kaa ilaashee Injury- Dhaawac.  Fatal – Halis. Protect – Ilaalin.
2X 2x
And you made me remain like this Iguna Dhamaysayoo Ending – Dhamayn
Not a day did you say to yourself “look his way” Dharaar Qudha Ismaad odhan, dhiniciisa soo eeg. His way – Dhiniciisa
2X 2X
Taste the love Dhudiya* Caashaqa Dhadhami Dhidiya* Taste – Dhadhami
For the soul that truly loves you Ruuxii Dhab Kuu jecel Ruux -Soul
You shouldn’t forsake Dhibta looma quudhee Dhib – Problems
2x 2x
Like a dazzling flower
My eyes admire to look at you,
Sida Ubax Dhalaal badan
Dhaayahaygu Kuu Jecel
Flower – Ubax.

Eyes – Dhaayaha – also Indhaha

Don’t say anything that will spoil your beauty and won’t agree with my ears Wax Dhantaalo Quruxdoo Dhagtu diido hay odhan Ears – Dhag.

Disagree – Diido.

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  • *In the beginning of the song, one time it says (Aar baa Dhalaan sidii) and the second time it says (Anun baa dhalaan sidii). First one the singer uses his name (Aar) and the second time he uses (I).
  • *Dhudiya can either be a name or reference to a  beautiful woman.

Note: This translation is not word for word.

In a nutshell, this is saying;

(I tirelessly give you attention as if you were a child. I care for you so much that I always make sure nothing hurts you. While I am doing all of this, you don’t even look at me let alone give me the attention I deserve. Feel the same kind of love I am feeling because when someone truly love you, you should care for them and avoid anything that may hurt their feelings. You are the mostly beautiful thing to look at, please don’t say anything that is hurtful) …

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