Somali Song Lyrics Translation

Today, we are trying something new and cool, we are doing Somali Song Lyrics Translation . One of our friends, M. P. who is also one of the Somali learners at learn Somali  requested a song lyrics translated to English. Our main focus, when translating this song, was to make sure the meaning and message behind the song is not lost in translation.

Somali Song Lyrics Translation

Here is the song from YouTube.




Translated by: Artan P.


By: Haliima Goobad

Boy you came into my mind

Inanyohow galay maanka

Pacing through my heart

Dhex gudaaya laabtayda

You encompass (shield) my soul

Ku gadaaman beerkayga



Many seasons, for your love

Guyo badan jacaylkaaga

I cried and cried

Anigoo la goohaaya

Feeling lost with its frustration

La go’doomay ciilkiisa

Only for you to break the pact

Wacadkii inaad goyso

Is that what your wisdom conveys (to you)?

Miyay garasho kuu sheegtay



I, oh I search for you

Anigoo anigoo ku goobaaya

And you distance me

Hadaad igaba sii guurtay

Leaving the burden (of love)

Kaligay miyuu guudka

Heavy on my back

Igu raray guhaadisa

Leaving the burden (of love)

Kaligay miyuu guudka

Heavy on my back

Igu raray guhaadisa



Oh boy your love

Inanyahaw jacalykuna

 Burns my heart and has

hadu gubay qulubtayda

Special memory in my heart

xasuustuna ku gaaryeelay



The shyness of a girl

Gabarnimo Xishoodkeeda

Brought me down to whisper

Anoo hoos usii Guuxay

Made me lose my strength to speak

Hadal gabay odhaahdiisa

And oh, you breaking the promise

Ballankii inaad goyso

Honey, did you think it was a virtuous thing (to do).

Miyaad gacalo faan Mooday

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