Somali Simple Future Tense

Somali Simple Future Tense

Welcome to another Learn Somali language grammar lesson. Today’s lesson is Somali Simple Future Tense which is used to describe an action(Fal) that will take place sometime is the future. Some of the words used with Simple future tense are:

(Tomorrow/Barri)  (Tonight/Caawa)  (Later/Hadhow)  (Next week/Todobaadka soo socda) (Next Month/Bisha soo socota) (Next year/Sannadka soo socda).In Somali language, Future Tense means (Fal inaan doona).

Also in the Somali Simple Future Tense, many times you will see the words (doona/doonaa/doontaa/doonaan) etc, in sentences that  talk about the future; it is a good clue to simple understand the future tense.

As usual we will have list of English sentences examples and we will translate them into Somali language. If there is any thing you don’t understand please us in the Forum section. Enjoy

Somali Simple Future Tense

Tenses English/Somali
Simple Future
I will call you= Waan kusoo wici doonaa.
Will I pass the test? = Miyaan baasi doonaa imtixaanka?
I will not take that= Ma qaadan doono kaas.
(Doonaa/Doontaa/Doono)(all of these indicate that the tense is sometime in the future)
You will graduate next year = Waad qalinjabin doontaa sannadka soo socda.
Will you graduate next year? = Miyaad qalinjabin doontaa sannadka soo socda?
You will not graduate next year  = Ma qalinjabin doontid sannadka soo socda
Won’t you graduate next year? = Miyaadan  qalinjabin doonin sannadka soo socda?
(Graduate/Qalinjabin) (year/Sannad)
She will read the whole book = Way akhrin doontaa buugga dhan.
Will she read the whole book? = Miyay akhrin doontaa buugga dhan?
She will not read the whole book = Ma akhrin doonto buugga dhan.
Won’t she read the whole book? = Miyaysan akhrin doonin buugga dhan?
He will answered the question = Wuu ka jawaabi doonaa su’aasha.
Will he answer the question? = Miyuu ka jawaabi doonaa su’aasha.?
He will not answer the question = Ma ka jawaabi doono su’aasha..
Won’t he answered the question? = Miyuusan ka jawaabi doonin su’aasha.?
(Question/Su’aal) (Answer/Jawaab)
We will buy the house = Waan gadan doonna guriga
Will we buy the house? = Ma gadan doonna guriga?
We will not buy the house = Ma gadan doonno guriga
Won’t we buy the house = Miyannaan  gadan doonnin guriga
They will eat the pizza = Way cuni doonaan pizzada.
Will they eat the pizza? = Miyay cuni doonaan pizzada?
They will not eat the  pizza = Ma cuni doonan pizzada
Won’t they eat the pizza = miyaysan cuni doonin pizzada



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