Somali Simple Past Tense:


Welcome to another Learn Somali lanaguage grammar lesson. Today we will talk about tenses specially the Simple Past Tense.  Somali Simple Past Tense  used to describe an action(Fal) that took place sometime is the past(Tagay).  In Somali language, Past Tense means (Fal tagay) or (Fal lasoo dhaafay)

As usual we will have list of English sentences examples and we will translate them to Somali language. If there is any thing you don’t understand please us in the forum section. Enjoy

Tenses English/Somali
Simple Past
I knew him= Waan aqaannay asaga.
Did I know him? = Miyaan aqaannay asaga?
I didn’t know him= Ma aqoonin asaga.
Don’t I know him= Miyaanan aqoon asaga.
You graduated last year = Waad qalinjabisay sannadkii lasoo dhaafay.
Did you graduate last year? = Miyaad qalinjabisay sannadkii lasoo dhaafay?
You didn’t graduate last year = Ma aadan qalinjabin sannadkii lasoo dhaafay
Didn’t you graduate last year? = Miyaadan  qalinjabin sannadkii lasoo dhaafay?
(Graduate/Qalinjabin) (year/Sannad)
She read the whole book = Way akhrisay buugga dhan.
Did she read the whole book? = Miyay akhrisay buugga dhan?
She didn’t read the whole book = Ma aysan akhrinin buugga dhan.
Didn’t she read the whole book? = Miyaysan akhrinin buugga dhan?
He answered the question = Wuu ka jawaabay su’aasha.
Did he answer the question? = Miyuu ka jawaabay su’aasha?
He did not answer the question = Ma uusan ka jawaabin su’aasah.
Didn’t he answered the question? = Miyuusan ka jawaabay su’aasha?
(Question/Su’aal) (Answer/Jawaab)
We bought the house = Waan gadanay guriga
Did we buy the house? = Ma gadanay guriga?
We did not buy the house = Ma aannaan  gadanin guriga
Didn’t we buy the house = Miyannaan  gadanin guriga
They ate pizza = Waxay cuneen pizza.
Did they eat pizza? = Miyay cuneen pizza?
They did not eat pizza = Ma aysan cunin pizza
Didn’t they eat pizza = Miyaysan cunin pizza



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