Degrees of Adjectives


Degrees of Adjectives – Isku barbardhig

In Somali language, when describing a noun, you use the  adjective with positive degree which doesn’t change the actual adjective. When you are comparing one thing to an other, you use (Ka) for comparative  and (Ugu) for superlative.  Here is the list of Somali and English words:


Positive Degree/Caadi Comparative Degree/Ka Superlative Degree/ Ugu
Hot/Kulul Hotter/ Ka kulul Hottest / Ugu kulul
Cold/Qaboow Colder/ Ka qaboow Coldest / Ugu qaboow
Black / Madoow Blacker/ Ka madoow Blackest/ Ugu madoow
Good / Fiican Better/ Ka fiican Best/ Ugu fiican
Tall / Dheer Taller / Ka dheer Tallest / Ugu dheer
Short / Gaaban Shorter / Ka gaaban Shortest / Ugu gaaban
Fast/ Dhakhso badan Faster/ Ka dhakhso badan Fastest/ Ugu dhakhso badan
Strong/ Xoog badan Stronger/ Ka xoog badan Strongest/ Ugu xoog badan
Weak/ Tabar daran Weaker/ Ka Tabar daran Weak/ Tabar daran
Beautiful/ Qurux badan More beautiful/ Ka Qurux badan Most Beautiful/ Ugu Qurux badan
Proper /  Haboon More Proper /Ka haboon Most Proper /  Ugu haboon
Famous / Caan ah More famous / Ka Caansan Most famous / Ugu caansan
Cunning / Khayaano badan More Cunning / Ka khayaano badan Most Cunning / Ugu khayaano badan
Difficult / Dhib badan More difficult / ka dhib badan Most difficult / Ugu dhib badan
Little  / Yar Less/ Ka yar Least/ Ugu yar
Much/Many/ Badan More/  Ka badan Most/ Ugu badan
Far/ Fog Further/ Ka fog Furthest/ Ugu fog


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