Demonstratives – Dhawaansho

How to use this  that these and those in Somali.

This is how the demonstrative pronouns are used in the Somali language

English Somali Somali/English with Pronoun Substitutes.
This Kan/Tan Tan waa gabar. Kan waa wiil. This is a girl. This is a boy
That Kaas/Taas Taas waa gabar. Kaas waa wiil. That is a girl. That is a boy
This/These With Adj Gabadhaan waa/Gabdhahaan waa. This girl is /these girls are
That/Those With Adj Wiilkaas waa/Wiilashaas waa. This boy is /these boys are
These Kuwaan Kuwaan waa gabdho . Kuwaan waa wiilal. These are girls. These are boys
Those Kuwaas Kuwaas waa gabdho . Kuwaas waa wiilal. This is a girl. This is a boy
This or that Kan mise kaas Kan miyaad rabtaa mise kaas?  Do you want this or that?
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