Food and Kitchen Somali Language

Welcome to another interesting Somali language learning lesson. Today we will talk about Somali food related words and phrases. We have a video lesson to help you with the Somali pronunciation. There are many words used in the video and and some of them are used in a sentence to help you understand the vocabulary.

Also, on a side note, we apologize for not updating site. I was travelling and did get the chance. Hopefully we will continue updating the site regularly

Food and Kitchen Somali Language

Somali of the vocabularies you will learn in this video are: 

Cooking – Karin

Food – Cunto

Drink – Cabitaan

Breakfast – Quraac

Lunch – Qado

Rice – Bariis

Spaghetti – Baasto

Flour – Bur

Bread – Rooti

Cake – Doolshe

Salt – Cusbo

Sugar – Sonkor

Oil – Saliid

Butter – Subag

Yeast – Leebito

Cook (Person) – Kariye

Fry – Shiil

Burn – Gubid

Kitchen – Jiko

Clean –  Nadiif

Cold – Qabow

Warm – Qandac

Hot – Kulul

Eat –Cun

Drink Cab

Tomato – Yaanyo

Patato – Baradho

Okra – Baamiye

Banana – Moos

Mango –Cambe

Watermelon– qare

Apple –  Tufaax

Grapes – Canab

Use – isticmaal

Mix – isku qasid

Make – Samayn

Dough – Cajiin

Leftover – Hambo

Cup – Koob

Kettle – Kirli

Pot – Digsi

Fridge – Talaagad



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